Inclusivity In The Wedding Industry

  • 30 Sep 2020
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting


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Jenna Avery
Creatrix Photography

Inclusivity In The
Wedding Industry

Growth is one of the pillars of Wedding Network Texas. We strive to bring you the best content each and every time.

That's why we're bringing an expert this month!

We've been fortunate enough to connect with Jenna Avery, Owner Creatrix Photography. She is excited to share this incredible information with us, and will show you steps to begin implementing these ideas in your wedding business! 

The wedding industry is finally beginning to step away from the normative.

What does this mean for you, as a business?
How do you serve clients that aren't the traditional cis hetero bride?
Wondering what cis hetero even means?!?

Join us to learn how to make your brand more inclusive and welcoming to the spectrum of couples getting married.

Ask the questions you've always wanted answers to, but didn't know who to ask! Even better, catch up to the ever-evolving language surrounding the LGBT community, to make sure you're signaling to potential clients that they're safe with you!

With the impact of COVID-19, we've spent more time at home, and this means it's the perfect time to revisit your brand and marketing strategies.

In this live meeting, you'll learn:

  • Learn about pronouns and how to incorporate them into your business 
  • Who's the bride? Who's the groom? Discover how traditional language can be alienating to some clients 
  • Does your website contain inclusivity signals? Join us while we examine 2-3 different brands and how you can improve the subtle communications that the LGBT community is craving
  • Discover how you can update your brand to be inclusive, always! 
  • Let's discuss the tricky but important representation factors that all brands should aim to tackle
  • and much more!

After this presentation, you'll walk with a newfound sense of direction when it comes to your brand.

      Jenna Avery

      After a full decade in the wedding industry, Jenna Avery runs a wedding photography company, with a cornerstone foundation set in inclusivity.

      She is loved by her clients for being able to provide beautiful art for humans in all walks of life, orientations, lifestyles and body shapes.

      Creatrix Photography is an award-winning photography company, dedicated to providing a safe space for everyone to be themselves and enjoy their love together.

      In her free time, Jenna is an aspiring professional writer and has a goal to completely finish her first fiction novel by the end of 2020.

      She's known for her sharp views on politics, her no-BS persona and her plethora of food allergies.

      "I’m strong in organizing, planning, programming, prioritizing, assembling the right people, equipment, vendors and logistics to anticipate and overcome challenges, develop efficient and effective protocols, and produce optimal outcomes for every event." 

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